Ikhonic Fashion Show

A quick survey of some of the province’s leading spas found that almost half of the regular clients are men, and at least two of the salons reported that up to 70% of their clientele is male.

“Surveys like that say a thousand words,” says Nicole Khoury, owner of Ikhonic, a creative new styling service for men. “Men in South Africa are desperate to look their best, but they don’t all want the cookie cutter advise that you see in popular magazines or at our malls and boutiques.”

Nicole recently launched her new clothing brand, backed with regular events that are well attended. The events are done in conjunction with leading men’s hair and skin products, and held at iconic fashion destinations such as the Palladium Hair Company in Waterkloof Heights.

visit www.ikhonic.co.za

Palladium Takes Pamper Party To A Whole New Level

An Evening of pamper, knowledge, food and wine.

A pamper experience where luxury, fun and style abound. The ultimate oasis for your hair, mind, body and skin has made its Cape Town debut. PampHair party has arrived.

The elite, Palladium beauty hot spot for hair perfection boasts an ambience of trendy, chic sophistication that permeates as one-steps into the entry way. It is more than modish. This creative, energetic hair salon is THE scene. Palladium achieves a contemporary feel, with free flowing space where inner and outer atmospheres collide. It brags an abundance of natural light and wrap around balcony that offers breathtaking views of both the city and harbour. All of which provides a more than perfect setting for both its multi-talented hair design team and elite clientele.

Palladiums plan is simple – to build one of the most exclusive hair salon in South Africa by providing phenomenal five star services to all who walk through their doors.

The mission of the PampHair launch party is to introduce and educate consumers about the most popular and sought after brands in both the hair and skin care industry.How often do people buy products that are not suited for their requirements? Or often use products in the wrong manner, wasting valuable time and money? Or simply given a haircut or colour service that just does’nt compliment their skin tone or hair type?

Being a demo based evening this allowed guests to get up, close and personal with the promoters and gain valuable information, directly from the experts.

Palladium Extasis Hair & Fashion Show

EXTASIS ….In the English language the word is also known as Ectasy and is associated with “Definition, Rapturous delight, the frenzy of Poetic inspiration, and the mental transport from the contemplation of Devine things” This in a nutshell is the inspiration behind EXTASIS.

Palladium Hair Company in collaboration with Cape Quarter created EXTASIS to relaunch the Cape Quarter, and to promote the life-style centre, as a chic, upmarket, shopping destination, for both the local and foreign market.

Mc’s Michael Mol & Natalie Becker


G’s Menswear

Just Cruizin

Errol Arendz


Pretoria (Tshwane)

Shop #3
Waterkloof Heights Shopping Center
Pretoria (Tshwane)
Tel: +27 12 460 2242/3

Cape Town

Shop 17, The Square
New Cape Quarter Extension
Somerset Road
De Waterkant
Tel: +27 21 418 2242/3


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