Charly's bakery

Charly’s Bakery, home of Charly’s Cake Angels, is situated in legendary District Six, Cape Town. As one of the country’s most beloved bakeries, Charly’s specializes in Mucking Afazing designer cakes for all occasions, as well as a range of fun and bright cupcakes, petit fours, cookies and other treats. 

Charly’s Bakery is a family run business, founded by Charly and Jacqui Biess in 1989. Over the years the business has boomed, drawing in their three daughters, Alexandra, Daniella and Roch. The girls are integral in creating Charly’s crazy, magical, glitter-filled world of Oompa Loompas, Luf Lufs and decadent chocolate cakes. Their philosophy is ‘innovate, don’t imitate’ and ‘the more you give the more you’ll get.’ 

Charly’s is a socially conscious hub constantly connected to both environmental and social initiatives, proving that a business run from the heart will always be successful.