This talented lady is an electronic artist, DJ and music producer – a true pioneer of South Africa’s dance music culture. SoulSista is also the creative force behind Protea & Dahlia, a lifestyle and hat brand comprising of items designed in South Africa and handmade in Mexico. The legend of SoulSista emerged in Cyprus more than 15 years ago on the sandy beaches of Cyprus, where her eclectic musical taste set her apart in beach clubs and island resorts. As a popular collaboration partner, SoulSista creates music with internationally renowned performers, music artists, producers and DJs. 

SoulSista released her first, highly acclaimed mixed compilation ‘Music is my High’ in 2004. She is also credited as songwriter, composer and producer. What gives SoulSista the enviable edge at gigs is her ability to spontaneously mix genres popular to the specific fan base on the day. She’s currently based between South Africa and Tulum, expanding the SoulSista Experience and Ngoma Ritual to dance floors globally. Her unisex sneaker in collaboration with Mexican company Viatger will launch mid-2018, while Protea & Dahlia is debuting a fabulous clothing range, which we have every faith will be a roaring success.