While nail extensions involve applying an artificial tip to the end of the nail to add length, nail overlays involve the application of the acrylic, gel or the desired system directly to the natural nail. Overlays can also be applied to toenails.


Acrylic is a mixture of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined form a hard protective layer that’s sculpted over the natural nail. Great for adding length.


Neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. It is usually purple-blue tinted. When applied to bleached hair, it takes it to more of an ashy, dusty, or platinum colour. That means a much more natural-looking hair tone.


A form of tattoo artistry using semi-permanent makeup. Provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.