Lynné de Jager

Lipsticks and luggage form an interesting product mix for this local beauty queen’s fashion brand, LDJ. Her eye for precision and flair for innovation means every hand-crafted item is lovingly created from locally sourced raw materials, while her passion for employment creation and economic empowerment reflects her patriotic spirit. 

Lynné knows that real beauty comes from within and she’s committed to promoting holistic body image. Being one of the most beautiful finalists to bear the Mrs SA-title, Lynné’s vision is to inspire South African women to an authentic self-perception in these fast-changing times. As a new mother to her baby son, she proves that a woman can chase her dreams, run her own business and raise a happy family. 

Visit our salons and check out her eclectic range of proudly South African lipsticks and accessories. Lynné has also custom designed the bespoke leather-embellished cutting capes and hide collars we use for our client appointments.