Willie Venter was born in small town Kuruman, and it’s in 1982 that his entertainment career took off in big city Pretoria. In 1994 he became a finalist in the Mr SA competition, using this accolade as a launching board for his career. He’s worked in every genre of entertainment, including dance, music variety, award shows and pageants. Willie’s vision is to be the leading producer and director of local and international productions; his creative mission is to utilize local talent to develop never-seen-before shows. 

Since Willie started his company ‘The Producers’, his journey has led him to ongoing success. He opened the Kora Aids ceremony in Durban in 2005, which was broadcasted live across the globe, showcasing his dedication to humanitarian projects focused on social welfare. Another impactful aspect of his growth is reflected in the increasing number of projects in the corporate field, where Willie is commissioned to entertain top South African business people.